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"Your direction is more important than your speed."

I'm a business mentor with a focus on creatives and entrepreneurs. 

With over 25 years of experience working in a variety of companies and industries, I have either seen it or done it.

I want to share that knowledge to help you build your business, and have some fun along the way too.


Hi, I'm Daniel

I’m a business mentor focusing on creatives, new business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.  

With over 25 years of experience in multiple industries, including Tech, Events and Media, across various countries, I have either seen it or done it, from a Silicon Valley IPO, to selling a Silicon Valley software company to a UK company, to more recently going through a sales process for a Private Equity backed London based media company.

Using my experience from working in various industries, as well as my intuition, I help you focus on what your business needs to take the next step in its development.  As we work together, we will understand what you want to achieve from your business, as well as yourself as a person. 

I also place a lot of focus on your mental wellbeing, as I know from personal experience, you cannot reach success if you burn out.

Your mindfulness plays an important part in the business journey, and I help you build that into your plan.  


Ultimately the goal is to be happy, so let’s ensure that happens while still building the business into your vision.  As part of my mentoring, I provide tools and exercises to make you feel positive, in-control, and unstoppable.


My Approach

Understand who you are, what motivates you, and your passions

I start the process by understanding who you are as a person- what makes you tick, and what your passions are.  Understanding this helps bring us back time and time again as to why you are doing this business.  It’s easy to get caught up in the detail and day to day, or feel overwhelmed with the thought of how to start your business and make it happen.​

Learn about the business, and develop a plan for what you want to achieve

We work together to develop a business plan to get you to your vision, help you implement it, and work with you during the journey.  A big part of the journey is having a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas as well as some emotional support along the way.

Assign ‘homework’ for the development of your plan

‘Homework’ is given to help move action points along, all with a soft touch.  As the action points are cleared, more are added to continue with the business action plan.

Provide on-going support during the process

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but be a mentor to help you find the answers to build your business, and also ensure that you don’t lose track of your mental and physical well being.  The last thing you want to happen is that you burn out during the journey- it’s not about getting to the finish line first, it’s making sure there is a solid base for the endurance.

While my mentoring is based on my experiences in the business world, it’s my intuition and insight that makes me different from other business coaches. 


One thing I always enjoyed was developing my staff to find their potential and advance their careers.  I want to do the same with you.

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From the moment I met Daniel, I felt like I was speaking to a friend and a mentor more than a coach. He truly is ‘sabio’ and with his wisdom, he has provided me with the confidence to continue my career as a Lifestyle Influencer as well as pursue my spiritual coaching path. Daniel has not only helped me to see my business with clarity but also my personal life. His knowledge, charisma and warm-heartedness translate to wonderful advice for all aspects of life. 

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Daniel provided us with important strategic guidance at a critical point in our business growth as we were expanding into international markets. He saved us a huge amount of time, money and resources by advising us what we shouldn't do just as much as what we should do.

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Daniel is an incredibly talented coach. His warm personality paired with his extensive business acumen made achieving my business goals effortless. He has the natural ability to make you recognise your own full potential and help you guide you towards it. Daniel is an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. He is an absolute joy to work with and has helped me take my business from strength to strength. 



Opening a business and staying on track without getting lost in the hustle is not easy. But it's easier when you have a compass: Daniel, with his extensive experience, he's able to promptly understand me and the people I work with, with killer-instinct advice. He has given me direction and purpose.


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